Coin Catalogue

Domitilla ? A.D.

Wife of Vespasian (and mother of Titus and Domitian).

AR Denarius (Posthumous)

RIC 71 (Titus), BMC 137 (Titus), BN 102 (Titus), C 3 Denarius Obv: DIVADOMITILLAAVGVSTA – Draped bust right, hair in long plait down back of neck, with necklace.
Rev: FORTVNAAVGVST – Fortuna standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia in left. c.80-81 (Rome).

AE Sestertius (Posthumous)

RIC 153 (Titus), BMC 226 (Titus), C 1 Sestertius Obv: MEMORIAE DOMI/TILLAE – Carpentum right drawn by two mules.
Rev: IMPTCAESDIVIVESPFAVGPMTRPPPCOSVIII – Legend around S C. c.80-81 (Rome). $315 9/19/01.

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